3.1. Restaurants
3.1.1. Ibiza

At the end of the 70s and early 80s, at the beaches of Salinas and Es Cavallet we installed 6 kiosks that adapted subsequently their licenses to become restaurants:

Beach of Las Salinas: Beso Beach Ibiza, Malibú , Jockey Club and Sa Trinxa
Beach of Es Cavallet: Chiringay and El Chiringuito

In addition, on some houses located next to the beach of Es Cavallet, was established the restaurant La Escollera.

in Ibiza

Business areas - Restaurants map in Ibiza
3.1.1. Restaurantes en Ibiza
1. BESO BEACH IBIZA / 2. Malibú / 3. Jockey / 4. Sa Trincha
5. Chiringay / 6. El Chiringuito
7. La Escollera
Business areas - Restaurants map in Ibiza

Excepting the first years in which Ibifor managed directly these restaurants, all of them have been leased (after a rigorous selection) to professionals with extensive experience in the catering and tourism, which have been able to turn them into a reference at an international level.

The different characteristics between them, ensure that all visitors to the area will be able to find a restaurant to his liking, to enjoy a high quality cuisine in a beautiful natural environment.

3.1. Restaurants
3.1.2. Formentera

In the most beautiful areas of this beautiful island, to the North of the salt flats, were placed different restaurants to be leased that have been turned into meeting points and a must-visit for tourists and celebrities from all over the world.

Beach of d’En Borràs: el Beso Beach Formentera y El Tiburón
Beach of Illetes: el Es Molí de Sal, Kiosko Pirata, el Juan y Andrea y “El Ministre”
Beach of Levante: el “Kiosko Vapor Manolito

Each restaurant has its own personality, but all of them share the objective of getting their visitors could enjoy exquisite meals next to the incomparable turquoise blue of the sea of Formentera.

in Formentera

Business areas - Map of restaurants in Formentera
3.2.1. Restaurantes en Formentera
1. Beso Beach / 2. Tiburón
3. Molí de Sal / 4. Pirata / 5. Juan y Andrea / 6. Ministre
7. Levante
Business areas - Map of restaurants in Formentera
Ibifor – Áreas de negocio – Restaurantes

3.2. Rental housing and Industrial buildings

The origin of this area of business was to restore old houses of workers of the salt mines, to convert them into high-quality housing to rent.

Currently 44 houses, all located within the area of the Natural Park, are leased in long term contracts to people carefully selected because of their respect for the environment and its preoccupation for the compliance with environmental and urban planning.

Ibifor – Áreas de negocio – Alquileres

Many of our tenants are for many years, as it is for them a luxury to have a house in a natural environment as privileged.

In Mallorca, Ibifor owns two luxury villas located in the prestigious area of Alcanada and five new luxury aparments at beutifull beach of Puerto de Alcudia, all intended for rental.

Ibifor also was building promoter for a few years (activity that today no longer takes place). We builded 7 houses in Alaró and 9 in Binissalem for their sale to individuals.

In 2013 we builded several industrial buildings in Sa Pobla (Mallorca) for rent.

Ibifor – Áreas de negocio

3.3. Parking spaces

In recent years we have added to our traditional activities the car parkings management in Ibiza and Formentera:
In Ibiza in the Beach of Las Salinas, and in Formentera, with the management of the access to the Natural Park.
Our commitment to compliance with the standards and care of the environment is always a priority. Is why the marked work plan and the professional team in charge of its management, control and monitoring, it has allowed that beach’s users can enjoy and have access to them comfortably, respecting at the same time the essence of the environment.

Ibifor – Áreas de negocio – Servicios de playa

3.4. Beach Services

On the beaches of Salinas and Es Cavallet in Ibiza, and of Cavall d’ En Borràs in Formentera, Ibifor manages the sunbeds and is responsible for the signaling of bath zones and cleaning in both beaches.
Ibifor performs year-round cleaning and maintenance work on all the land that make up the Natural Park, replacing the protections of the dunes, by removing wastes and trash, maintaining roads, etc…
Always have developed these activities to ensure that all visitors can enjoy these beaches, with the highest levels of quality, safety and commodity.
Our commitment to the Islands, is always linked to excellence in the services we want to give visitors.